Pregnancy, Babies and Osteopathy

Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Care

Bendigo Osteo has a long history of treating pregnant women.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous change to accommodate the growing fetus. These changes include expansion of the abdominal region and hormonal releases that affect the function of your body’s internal system. Furthermore the extra weight creates a shift in your body’s center of gravity and your supporting ligaments also soften.

These changes cause an increase in mechanical stress to the musculoskeletal system and may result in pain and discomfort.

Bendigo Osteo treat* pregnant women for;

  • back pain
  • sciatic
  • pelvic instability
  • sacro-illiac joint pain
  • pubic symphysis pain

After the birth, osteopathy may also help manage problems like;

  • pelvic and low back pain
  • pelvic floor weakness
  • shoulder, upper back, arm pain associated with breastfeeding

We also offer Pregnancy Massage at Bendigo Osteo. We have a specially designed supportive pregnancy pillow so you can lay face down for a great back massage. Massage during pregnancy could be helpful for managing aches and pains, stress relief and relieving swelling.

*  It must be noted that like all forms of health care, there are risks and no guarantees. This will be discussed with you at your treatments. Or you can find more information at Osteopathy and Research Page.



Babies: Growth and Development

All newborn babies experience a degree of trauma during the birthing process because of the pressure exerted during labour. This trauma may cause soft tissue tension and misalignment of the cranial bones of the skull or other areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Dr Matthew Moresi (Osteopath) commonly treats babies. He predominantly practices in cranial/biodymanic osteopathy.  The aim of this treatment is to try correct any tension or misalignment present after birth. See Cranial Osteopathy for more information.

Dr Matthew Moresi (Osteopath) has seen Bendigo babies for Musculoskeletal strains that may contribute to;

  • difficulty sleeping
  • colic
  • reflux
  • digestive issues (constipation)
  • feeding difficulties
  • asymmetries in head shape
  • rolling to one side only
  • delayed sitting, crawling, walking

At Bendigo Osteo we want to make it as easy and comfortable for you and your baby to visit. That is why we provide baby change room facilities, a children’s play corner, pram access and comfortable couch for breastfeeding or if you need the microwave to heat a bottle just ask our reception. Call or Book Online.

*At Bendigo Osteo we acknowledge that there is a limit to scientific research  – In our clinical experience we believe it is effective – yet like all forms of health care, there are no guarantees. This will be discussed with you at your treatments. You can find more information on our page Osteopath and Research.  This page contains links to articles of some of the above conditions.