Dr Görkem Isitman


Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy), Bachelor of Clinical Science and Bachelor of Exercise Science & Human Movement, FRC® Mobility Specialist

Görkem, has always had a passion for health and fitness. He originally trained as an Exercise Scientist/Physiologist and worked in sports conditioning and rehabilitation for general population, individual and team-based athletes in Melbourne. During this time, he discovered Osteopathy and its holistic understanding of the body and patient-centred treatment approach. It was these ideals that attracted Görkem to Osteopathy, so he went back to University and studied for a further 5 years to become an Osteopath.

He currently works part-time in Melbourne as an Osteopath and continues to do sports/conditioning training with field-based athletes. Outside of Osteopathy, Görkem enjoys all sports, keeping fit and active as well as delectable food.

Gorkem is available Fridays and Saturdays at the clinic and has an interest in treating all musculoskeletal complaints, whether that be the competitive athlete, weekend warrior, agricultural enthusiast or the desk worker.