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Treatment at Bendigo Osteo

What to Expect

First osteopathic treatment

At Bendigo Osteo we understand if you are feeling tentative about making an appointment – especially if you have never been to an Osteopath before. Outlined below for you are the steps that your Osteopath will work through for your initial osteopathic treatment. We hope this helps you feel more at ease.

New patient form

You will be greeted by our amazing reception team and asked to first complete a new patient form in the reception area. So please arrive 10 minutes early.

Case History

Then you will meet your osteopath and head to the treatment room. For the first 20 mins your osteopath will be taking a case history. This involves asking you questions about the nature of your injury/condition, medical history and activities of daily living.


Next your osteopath will assist you through a static assessment. This involves testing the affected area through a series of movements. As this happens your osteopath will be asking when you feel pain and assessing the range of motion you have.

Diagnoses, Treatment Plan, Consent

Now your Osteopath has all the details, they will inform you of the possible diagnoses, what the treatment will involve, how many treatments you are likely to need and obtain consent. Before treatment begins they will make sure you understand what’s involved.

Osteopathic Treatment

For the last 30 mins, the osteopath will then, using a range of manual therapy methods, treat your injury. These methods may be stretching, massage, manipulation, mobilisation, dry needing and or cranial. See What is Osteopathy for more details.


Finally the Osteopath may also recommend exercises and or give advice about how to manage your condition after the treatment.

Still have questions? Check out our common questions page. Here we explore; Do I need to take my clothes off? Will I have to keep coming back? Will it hurt?

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