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At Bendigo Osteo we regularly treat people for age related muscular skeletal health complaints. We’ve found at the clinic our patients choose Osteopathy for it’s wholist approach and its reputation for being a gentle form of manual therapy.

What happens when we age? 

As we get older, the body undergoes many changes, which increase our risk of injury. These changes actually begin from 30 years and onwards. 

As we age our muscle tissues actually looses fibres effecting size and strength. The tissues take longer to repair and changes in the nervous system affect the ability for the muscle to contract. We start to loose power and stability which affects balance and strength. 

Our bone density also changes, this if often associated with inactivity, but also especially for woman post menopause where hormones effect our bone mass. 

Plus our joints also loose fluid which assists with joint lubrication and our ligaments shorten, causing stiffness and less flexibility. 

So how does Osteopathy help? 

The key to slowing the natural deterioration of the musculoskeletal  health is actually movement. Yet this can be hard if we are already in pain, have poor balance or limited flexibility. 

So the Osteopaths aim is to help you gain mobility and strength by improving the function and range of motion in your joints, muscles and connective tissues. If you like to know about Osteopathic Treatment check here. 

Common conditions* that Bendigo Osteo treats in our Over 60′s are:

  • Back, neck and arm pain
  • Hip and knee pain and stiffness
  • Symptoms of arthritis and joint swelling
  • Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • RSI
  • Headaches
  • Symptoms of post surgery recovery
Massage and Aging 

Massage is also helpful if you are over 60. It helps with fluid retention and swelling of the arms or legs, improves circulation, maintains muscle flexibility and increases our overall psychological feeling of wellness. Massage is also great for scar tissue after surgery. 

Services at Bendigo Osteo

At Bendigo Osteo we want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us and care for your health needs. So we provide car parking facilities, including disabled car parks, disabled access throughout premises, we offer concession rates and for those with health cover we have HICAPS facilities so you can claim on the spot. Check out contact details for more information.

*Please note that all people respond differently to treatment and we are not claiming a cure. We regularly see people over the age of 60 with the above listed conditions and enjoy working with them. See Osteopathy and Research for more information.

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