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What are Migraines?

At Bendigo Osteo we regularly assist patients with migraines. In fact, around 15% of the population suffer from migraines. (Migraine and Headache Australia). Migraines are different from headaches and at Bendigo Osteo we know how debilitating they are for our patients. 

Common Symptoms of Migraines generally include;

  • Pulsing/throbbing headache on one side of the head. 
  • A sensory ‘aura’, either, visual disturbances, sensitivity to sound or smell, altered sensations in limbs. 
  • Difficulties concentrating and vagueness 
  • Generally feeling unwell; nausea and or vomiting 
What causes Migraines?

The exact cause of migraines is not fully understood, however it is believed that it occurs when the brain is responding to either internal or external stimuli that causes a hypersensitivity or disturbances in the flow of the vascular system (the circulation system of blood vessels, nerves and hormones) in the cranial region, especially the brainstem. There is also a genetic link with Migraines. 

There are many known internal and external stimuli or ‘triggers’ that cause migraines. These may include; 

  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Some foods, alcohol and food additives
  • Emotional Stress
  • Bright lights, loud sounds or strong smells
  • Changes in wake-sleep pattern
  • Intense physical exertion
  • Some medications
  • Dehydration 
  • Head, Neck or Jaw strain 

Whilst migraines are caused by changes to the vascular system in response to stimuli, it’s normal for associated musculoskeletal problems to arise. Prolonged muscle tension in the neck, head and face will cause other problems such as jaw pain, headaches, neck stiffness and the movement of blood and lymph also become restricted creating pain and discomfort.

How does Osteopathy help with the management of Migraines?

Osteopaths will be focused on the musculoskeletal strain that is either contributing to your migraine or is a symptom of migraines. Their aim is to restore the correct mechanics in the neck, head and jaw to allow for the efficient circulation of the vascular system. 

Treatment may involve stretching, massage, manipulation, articulation, dry needling, cranial, or exercise prescription. Osteopaths will also help you to better understand your body and give advice or referral for the management of the triggers to your migraines.

They can also refer for medical imaging or refer to other specialists if required. They are able to write medical sick certificates and are registered practitioners for private health funds.

At Bendigo Osteo, we would suggest that you start now to keep a migraine journal. Headache Australia has a great headache diary you can download.


f you believe your migraine is muscular skeletal related or stress related then massage can also be effective management tool. A relaxing and calm environment might just be one your body needs. It is normal for our patients to alternate between both Osteo and Massage and either practitioners can advise which treatment will be best.

For more information on Migraines we recommend visiting Headaches Australia.

At Bendigo Osteo in our clinical experience, we believe Osteopathy is effective treatment for migraines. Yet like all forms of health care, there are no guarantees. This will be discussed with you at your treatments. 

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Neck Pain Osteopathy
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