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At Bendigo Osteo we commonly see people for back pain. In fact it would be one of the most common conditions, along with headaches, that we treat. It’s no wonder, because in Australia over 80% of people will experience lower back pain in their life, it is also the number one cause for disability world wide (Osteopathy Australia, 2018).

What Causes Back Pain?

The goal of our Osteopaths at Bendigo Osteo is to work out the cause of your back pain. Understanding what causes back pain is critical in determining the best way to treat it.

Back pain can be caused by a number of reasons; Muscular strain, disc injury or fascia strain are the most common reasons. Often this occurs from sport injury, poor posture, sitting long hours, whip lash, incorrect lifting, or pregnancy. Other causes can be arthritis, osteoarthritis, menstruation, pregnancy, hip or shoulder problems or stress.

Your Osteopath will ask you for your case history and may preform a physical assessment to determine the cause of your pain.

When should  you see an Osteopath for Back Pain? 

Once upon a time the recommendation for managing back pain was bed rest, inactivity and pain medication. We know though this is not the best form of treatment. Manual Therapy, gentle exercise/movement, and or modified movements are better alternatives.

So when should you come in and see us at Bendigo Osteo for back pain? Come in when;

  • You are needing to take medication regularly to manage your pain
  • The pain has been constant for more than over a couple of weeks
  • The pain is stopping you from normal daily activities
  • Your back pain is not improving, and or getting worse
  • You are getting constant headaches or migraines
  • You have referring pain down your legs, numbness, shooting pain or grabbing sensation. Or altered sensation in your feet.
  • You have had an injury that has caused strain to your back. (The sooner you see us, the more likely your recovery will be quicker)
  • You have been prescribed exercises or stretches, but they are not working.
  • You are pregnant or recently given birth.
What would treatment involve? 

Osteopaths use a range of different manual therapy methods to treat back pain. It may involve stretching, massage, manipulation, articulation, dry needling, cranial, or exercise prescription. For more details on each of these methods check our what is osteopathy page.

Osteopaths are medically trained to diagnose and treat muscular skeletal problems. They can also refer for medical imaging or refer to other specialists if required. They are able to write medical sick certificates and are registered practitioners for private health funds.

Massage and Back Pain at Bendigo Osteo

Most back pain is muscular skeletal strain, so massage can also been effective in treating back pain. At Bendigo Osteo we have Remedial Massage Therapists who regularly see people for back pain. It is normal for our patients to alternate between both therapies and either practitioners can advise which treatment will be best.

Unsure if you should see an Osteopath or Massage therapist? Click here.

Bendigo Osteo Back Pain
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