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At Bendigo Osteo, we regularly treat people who have headaches. In Australia 15% of the population is on medication for Headaches* and 5 million Australians suffer from headaches or migraines*.

So what causes Headaches?

There can be a board range of reasons that you may be experiencing a headache. However the most common reasons for headaches originate from muscle tension or joint strain in the head, neck and upper thoracic region.* This tension is usually caused by poor posture or a head, neck or spinal injury (such as whiplash, falls, knocks to the head). It also can be from jaw clenching and muscle tensing when we are under physical or emotional stress. Arthritis or Fibromyalgia are musculoskeletal conditions that also can cause headaches.

Other than the above musculoskeletal conditions, you may be experiencing headaches because of sinus problems, dehydration, infections, eye strain, high blood pressure, poor sleep, medications, ear problems, depression, allergies, diet or hormonal changes.

The causes for headaches are broad and complex.  This is why it is good to see a health professional to assess your headaches.

Headaches and Osteopathy 

So why would you see an Osteopath for headaches? At Bendigo Osteo our Osteopaths are trained to assess the cause of your headache. If the cause is musculoskeletal, then treatment will be designed to counteract and release the strain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that are contributing to your headache.

If they believe there is other contributing factors to your headache then they can give advice about how to manage these and or refer onto the right health professionals if need be.

It is important to note that Headaches occasionally are a sign of some more serious conditions. Our Osteopaths are trained to assess this and if there is concern, they will refer you onto GP for specialist imaging.

Headaches and Massage

At Bendigo Osteo we also provide remedial massage appointments. Your therapist will ask you for a brief medical history and a description of your headaches to determine that it is safe for you to have a massage and the type of massage you need. Most likely your massage will include your neck, plus your upper back, jaw and shoulders.

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Neck Pain Osteopathy
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