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Work and Vehicle accident injury management in bendigo

Live in Bendigo (and surrounds) and had an accident at work or on the road and now on WorkCover or TAC ? Suffering from a musculoskeletal injury such as a back, neck or shoulder injury? Whip lash or knee injuries?  If you have a WorkCover or TAC claim, Osteopaths are registered allied health practitioners offering assistance for injury and rehabilitation management in Australia.

Workcover & Osteopathy

You will need a referral from a General Practitioner to see an osteopath for a workplace injury and approval from your claim case manager. Please make sure to discuss this with your Case Manager before booking with us. WorkCover may place caps on the rebate or limit the number of sessions you can have which is good you us and you to know beforehand. During your treatment schedule we liaise with your GP and case manager on your progression, make recommendations on return to work capabilities and advise if further treatment is needed.

At Bendigo Osteo we require you to pay for each osteopathic appointment upfront, then we provide you with the required paperwork needed to claim your rebate with WorkCover directly.

There is more details about WorkCover claims at Osteopathy Australia Website.

TAC & Osteopathy

Similarly, if you have had a vehicle accident you may be eligible for rebates with TAC. You will need a GP referral along with approval from your case manager. Please bring your claim number, referral, and contact details for your case worker at your first appointment. Remember too that you are required to pay out of pocket at our clinic. We will provide you with the paperwork so you can obtain a rebate directly with TAC.

There is more details about the scheme at Osteopathy Australia Website.

Never been to an Osteopath? You can find out what we do and what to expect here.

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