Dr Matthew Moresi



Dr Matthew Moresi, Osteopath, has been the owner and principle Osteopath at Bendigo Osteo since 2008. He has 15 years experience. And completed further study in cranial osteopathy, bio dynamics, pediatrics (children’s osteopathy) and dry needling.

Dr Moresi has a clinical focus in cranial osteopathy and extensive experience treating newborns/babies and children in Bendigo.

Matthew’s interest in the mechanics of the human body began at a young age when learning anatomy from his father who was a sheep farmer! Later one of his older cousins trained as an Osteopath, which sparked his interest further.

He studied Osteopathy for five years at RMIT and began his career at East Gippsland Osteopathic Clinic. His mentor Belinda Coulton had extensive experience treating babies and in cranial osteopathy. So naturally had the opportunity early in his career to train in these areas.

After 15 years of treating, Dr Moresi still loves Osteopathy. Each patient is different and he considers it a privilege to assist his patients. He believes that osteopathy offers a holistic approach that finds and treats the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Furthermore he enjoys running the business with his wife Jodi and mentoring Osteopaths.

Outside of Osteopathy, Matthew is a father to three children and enjoys camping, mountain bike riding, motorbike riding, hiking and water skiing.

You can book an appointment with Dr Matthew Moresi, Osteopath, online or call reception. It is common for Matt to be heavily booked. If you go online and cannot find an appointment, please still call us and we will do our best to accommodate you – especially new babies.