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OSTEO: Sometimes it can – but generally this is brief and won’t be worse than the pain you are already in. It is common to feel sore or washed out after the treatment for around 24hrs, but after that should feel better.

Our practitioners will constantly ask for your feedback during treatment and consent for anything that may be uncomfortable. They also use a range of gentle methods that do not hurt at all if that is what you prefer.

Worried about dry needling? Well you don’t have to have it! But if you are interested to know more click here.

MASSAGE: You and your therapist will decide on the level of pressure applied and how firm you like your massage. They will ask for feedback throughout the massage. There is a myth; ‘no pain, no gain’…. this is not always the case with massage! If you are too tense from pain during massage, it makes it harder to massage you. Finding the right balance is what we aim for. If you are wondering about cupping check here.

OSTEO: No. (Not unless you are intending to see us under Medicare’s EPC program. See below for more details)

MASSAGE: No. If you have cancer or a complex medical conditions for which you are currently receiving treatment, it is a good idea to run past your GP first whether massage is safe. We will discuss this with you.

OSTEO: When we think comparatively, it’s not. When you compare the cost of service against certain other health practitioners, it is not as expensive. The initial appointment is for 1 hour and follow up is 30 minutes. Our fees are generally lower than chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, natural therapies when based on an hourly rate. Osteopaths are medically trained, over five years, including annual training they are required to do to stay registered.

Also when you compare it to other services in general, such as hairdresser, plumber or mechanic, per hour Osteopathy at our clinic is again affordable.

Remember we are working on the most valuable assets you have – your body!

MASSAGE: You will find us one of the most affordable Clinic based massage services in Bendigo.

Osteopathy and Massage therapy are private health services. If you have private health fund you can make claims on the spot depending on your extra’s cover.

We offer concession rates for pension and health care card holders.

OSTEO: You can claim rebates for WorkCover and TAC. Though you must pay the fee in full first at our clinic, we give you the receipt and your take it to Workcover/TAC to claim your rebate.

Medicare offer rebates under the Enhanced Primary Care Program. If you have a chronic and complex conditions that has lasted more than 6 months, your GP can refer you to us for Osteopathy. Medicare will cover $53 towards treatment for up to 5 treatments, per year. You can claim this on the spot at the clinic. Please call us for more information about this or check this link. Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC).

Not if you don’t want to. Having said that, given Osteopathy and Massage are manual therapies and require body contact, it is much easier for the practitioner to assess and treat you without your outer clothing on.

OSTEO: You will not be asked to take off your underwear during treatment. You may be asked to remove your outer clothing top (t-shirt/jumper) or bottoms (pants/shorts) for assessment and treatment. For women, generally your bra will stay on, and only the straps are moved off shoulder, or bra unclasped when working on your back. You are covered with a towel during the treatment. We always ask for consent first.

MASSAGE: Your bottom underwear stays on, for women we may suggest removing your bra (as it can be hard to massage your back or shoulders with it on). Your therapist will leave the room for you to undress and you are always covered with a towel.

OSTEO: On average at Bendigo Osteo, patients see an Osteopath initially for 3-4 treatments. Generally their complaint has improved and after this they come as they need. If you are not experiencing improvements after the 5th appointment, this is when we would review whether Osteo is best choice for you.

It’s good to remember however, that the longer you have had an injury the longer it takes to recover. The body tissues tend to ‘hold’ onto injury and getting this to change is harder if the hold has been there for a long time. So if you have had your injury for a long time expect more treatment.

We do have a group of patients that come in maybe every 6 weeks for regular treatment as a form of preventative health care or to help manage chronic conditions.

MASSAGE: If you have come in for a specific complaint we would recommend up to 3 massages. If no change is happening our suggestion is to see an Osteopath. Many of our clients come in for general maintenance. This is a individual choice and can range from once a month to once a year.

It comes down to personal preference, but generally speaking if you have a chronic problem that you want treatment for, Osteopathy is best place to start. Osteopaths are medically trained registered health professionals who have ‘more treatment  techniques ‘ than any other Allied Health Professional. BUT sometimes you know what you want/need is a good Massage. You might just feel you are tight, need to destress or need to promote circulation. If you start with a massage your therapist might recommend seeing at Osteopath if your condition doesn’t improve with massage.  It is common for our clients to see both Massage and Osteo. It is also common for clients to start with Osteo and use Massage as a form of preventative care once their complaints resolved. Either way though you will experience great care!

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