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Do you live in the Bendigo Region and suffer from Knee Pain? At Bendigo Osteo knee problems are a common muscular skeletal condition our Osteopaths assess, treat and manage.

Knee pain can be complex and can range from anterior cruciate ligament injuries, meniscal tears, bursitis, tendonitis or posterior cruciate ligament injuries. It is important to have the correct diagnoses of knee pain as treatment and management will vary accordingly.

So what causes Knee Problems? 

The knee is a hinge joint and its main role is to bend and rotate, straighten, and hold our body weight. This enables us to perform several movements including walking, running, kicking, sitting, standing, and lifting. In order to do all these tasks, the knee relies on several structures including muscles, bones, bursae, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Knee pain can result from damage to any of these structures.

The two most common causes for knee pain are impact injuries or the general deterioration (or overuse) of the knee joint.

Impact Injuries due to Sport and Fitness or other accidents (such as collision, sudden jarring, twisting and falls), can damage the soft tissues surrounding the knee or result in dislocation of the knee joint itself. However deterioration of the knee joint is also caused by repetitive movements. People who engage in repetitive sporting activities (eg. bike riding, running, netball, weights) or those whose work requires jumping out of vehicles or standing long hours may suffer from knee pain. Age, weight gain or arthritis also have an impact on the knee.

When should I seek treatment for my knee pain? 

You should consider seeing an Osteopath if you experience any of the following:

  • Had an impact injury
  • When you feel an unpleasant grinding deep in the joint
  • If it feels as if the knee will give way
  • Your knee feels that it ‘locks up’
  • If the pain has been persistent and is getting worse
  • When the pain increases with bending or weight bearing
  • There is swelling or heat surrounding the joint
  • If there are problems also with your hips or feet or referring pain in your leg.

Generally, the sooner you get onto knee injuries the sooner you will recover.

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